Make That Decision

… you know the one I’m talking about.

The one the swirls behind your eyelids when you’re trying to sleep.

The one that changes your mood completely when you think about it as you munch on breakfast.

The one that you fret about, and worry you might choose wrong.

Don’t be reckless. Sit down, do the research, talk to the people your care about. Work out the costs, understand the risks, know whyyou need to choose.

And then, decide.

Maybe you choose one way, maybe the other. But life is too short to leave important choices languishing forever on the backburner of indecision.

Don’t let it hold you captive anymore.


Make that decision.


Footnote: As I was drafting this, Seth Godin’s latest blog post landed in my email. If you’ve a decision you need to make, he has some very good advice, right here.