Clay Johnson – Industrialised Ignorance (Webstock 2013)


Industrialised Ignorance

Transcription and further thoughts:

  • We all know Pop Culture … but we know very little about what is troubling our own communities.
  • How then are we supposed to improve them!
  • We created huge companies to make popular food for us. (Pizza tastes better than Broccoli)
  • Likewise, we created huge companies to make popular information for us (Opinion tastes better than News)\
  • We value feeling like we’re right (and being told that we are right) over being informed.
  • Ignorance is not just a lack of information, but also due to our exposure to affirmatory information.
  • Consider putting yourself on an Information Diet …
  • … and realise that your information choices have social consequences.
  • Every click, every view, of content on the net biases future content creation.
  • Because information is provided to us as a money-making venture, providers will solve the equation for maximum profit, via maximum popularity.
  • Keys to a positive Information Diet
  1. Be aware of what you consume
  2. Pay attention to local things
  3. Be a producer
  • By starting your day with creation, instead of consumption, you set the tone for your day as one of action, not mere reaction.
  • Work on stuff that matters.