distinctly logo concept2v2Distinctly

A new magazine-style collection of breathtaking NZ nature photography, paired with freshly-written poems to intrigue, provoke, and inspire. http://distinctly.nz


pleasant confusion coverPleasant Confusion

A short garden adventure, rendered in poetry. Written in 5 hours as a poetry challenge.

Download “Pleasant Confusion”  (Full quality photos, 27MB)
Download “Pleasant Confusion” lite (Low-res photos, 2MB)


mutterings logoMutterings of a Mediocre Micro-Poet

A collection of 140 twitter micro-poems, of 140 characters or less. PDF download available free of charge!

Download “Mutterings of a Mediocre MicroPoet”

If you’d like to own a physical copy of the “Mutterings”, contact me on twitter (@ignifluous) or by email (words <at> ignifluous <dot> com). Just the book, filled with micro-poetic goodness, is NZ$7, or NZ$10 if it you’d like it signed with a custom poem (free shipping within NZ).


Terrible Poetry Challenges

These are when I set myself a challenge to write a short collection of poetry in a single evening, and publish it no matter what. I use this as a way to fight against the tempting paralysis of perfectionism.

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